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The HUROM® Juicers The HUROM® Juicers
Most other juicers use a powerful high-speed motor (also known as “centrifugal” juicers) so that they rotate blades like a blender or a grater really fast.  It’s like taking an apple and grating it on a cheese grater 10,000 times per minute.  The problem with this is that you get very little juice and there’s a lot of damage to the food (oxidation, discoloration, loss of nutrients and enzymes).  High speed motors go so fast that they create heat and friction which is proven to destroy vitamins.  They’re also bulky, heavy, and hard to clean.

The HUROM® Slow Juicer works more like a mortar and pestle, “cold-pressing” and squeezing the food to retain vitamins and enzymes.  You get a lot more juice, drier pulp, and more vitamins than with other juicers.  The HUROM® does wheatgrass, leafy greens, soymilk, and nuts, which you can’t do in any high-speed juicer.